furiouselgeorge (furiouselgeorge) wrote in astrojax,

Aww, abandoned board much?

I was recently reminded of my old aj's, and I'm currently in pursuit of finding some new ones (as the two I had before have been broken and dissapeared a long time ago). So my re-uniting with aj's will probably be very exciting for me, haha. I miss those darn things! It's kindof sad that this toy had such a short fad life. But with all other fads, it should come back eventually, eh? Haha. At least I hope.
Anyways, just wanted to post here because it really makes me sad that everyone's forgotten these poor things that can be so addictive! And I think something new might be comming sometime soon (hints from astrojax.com forums) so maybe these will be popular again soon.
Anyways, when I finally get some aj's (probably from online), anyone want to help me regain my ability? Haha, I wonder if I'll remember all those awesome tricks.

Anyone here still play?
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